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Gallery Albin Upp in Oslo is a highly appreciated and saught after gallery in Oslo, Norway. After 41 years in business they have developed their own uniqueness, showing art from local and international artists. The establishment presents art in a more than 200 years old Norwegian farmers house, downtown in the middle of the busy capital.

Inside this charming house you find several galleries, an art café and a shop. Apart from having all the services you need for a full day enjoying artworks, there is always time and space for a chat and a smile. Owner Kristin Bonnevie has throughout all these 41 years gained an honorable reputation.
A recommendable experience! Take the tram right to the dororsteps in Briskebyveien 42!

Kafé Albin and Albins Affār

Take a few steps up from the main gallery and you find a cosy little café with excellent food and drinks to keep you hydrated and content during your visit. One step down the same stairs you find Albins Affār (Albins Store), with fantastic art pieces selectively chosen for you to pick up and bring home with you.

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You can also purchase items online on the website we administer. Find it here:
Albins Affār Online

One of the popular artists you find here is Bøbban paus, who was the first one out in this fresh online art shop. Thank you, Bøbban! She creates art on canvas with oil painting and palett knife, amongst other techniques.


The gallery is open as listed below, unless noted otherwise:

Tuesday to Friday
12 - 5 PM

Saturday and Sunday
12 - 4 PM

Mondays Closed